• Eco-Friendly
    • Green
    • Sustainable
    • Woman, Minority and Veteran-Owned
    • Locally owned and operated

    Are you like most homeowners who continually procrastinate when it comes to cleaning your trash bins? Do you repeatedly have those same conversations in your head; “I know I need to clean these cans, but I would have to stick my head into my trash can. What would I scrub them with? Where would I dump the water and debris?” So we just find a way not to do it month after month or year after year. Sound familiar?

  • We can relate because we’ve had the same thoughts and that’s how Super Clean Cans came into existence. We knew we needed something SUPER HEROIC to save our own cans and we wanted to share this with our entire community!

    It’s simple… trash cans can get dirty, sticky, smelly and store nasty germs and harmful bacteria. In addition, they can attract a whole host of pests, insects and animals. No one wants to deal with maggots, ants, flies or cockroaches; nor do they want to see mice, rats or racoons attacking their trash and recycling bins. Not only can they get into your trash bins, but because they are so close to your home or in your garage, they then try to enter your home. OH NOOOOO!!!!😲😲😲😲😲

  • But now you can leave the unwanted job of cleaning your cans to SUPER CLEAN CANS! We are here to save the day with our fast, safe, thorough and eco-friendly approach that will leave your trash bins super sanitized, super disinfected, super clean and smelling super incredible! And we attack your nasty cans with our extraordinary cleaning powers for an extremely low and affordable cost.

    Our mission is to rid our community of potential harmful germs, bacteria and disease and free everyone from those disgusting, villainous cans! Let Super Clean rescue your trash cans and be your superhero!

    Save Your Nose, Your Time, Your Energy and Your Health!