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  • Green
  • Sustainable
  • Woman, Minority and Veteran-Owned
  • Locally owned and operated

Are you like most homeowners who continually procrastinate when it comes to cleaning your trash bins? Do you repeatedly have those same conversations in your head; “I know I need to clean these cans, but I would have to stick my head into my trash can. What would I scrub them with? Where would I dump the water and debris?” So we just find a way not to do it month after month or year after year. Sound familiar?

We can relate because we’ve had the same thoughts and that’s how Super Clean Cans came into existence. We knew we needed something SUPER HEROIC to save our own cans and we wanted to share this with our entire community!



  • Once we know your garbage pickup day, we will text you to let you know when we will be there.

  • Leave your cans at the curb on the morning of the day of your service.

  • We will inspect your cans and make sure there is no garbage or large debris.

  • we use an automated hydraulic lift system to raise your cans. Then we apply high power, high speed and high heat, along with our eco-friendly disinfectant, which eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria, germs, debris and nasty residue buildup from your trash cans.

  • Lastly, we spray our exclusive, custom scent in your cans; leaving them SUPER CLEAN and smelling amazing!! Then we dry your cans and roll them back to your garage.










For 1 Can Every Month

For 2 Cans Every Month

For 3 Cans Every Month

For 4 Cans Every Month

For 5 Cans Every Month

For 6 Cans Every Month








For 1 Can Every 2 Months

For 2 Cans Every 2 Months

For 3 Cans Every 2 Months

For 4 Cans Every 2 Months

For 5 Cans Every 2 Months

For 6 Cans Every 2 Months








For 1 Can Every 3 Months

For 2 Cans Every 3 Months

For 3 Cans Every 3 Months

For 4 Cans Every 3 Months

For 5 Cans Every 3 Months

For 6 Cans Every 3 Months








For 1 Can Every Year

For 2 Cans Every Year

For 3 Cans Every Year

For 4 Cans Every Year

For 5 Cans Every Year

For 6 Cans Every Year

Frequently Asked Questions

I think we would all agree that there are many things we pay other people to do that we could do ourselves. Washing our car, for instance. There are people who enjoy washing their own cars, but many people pay others to do it.


We don’t believe anyone enjoys cleaning their own trash cans. Who wants to stick their face anywhere close to a nasty trash or recycling bin? Where will you dump the contaminated water? Your grass or the street? What germs will you come in contact with?


This is what we specialize in! We clean your trash and recycling bins, leave them smelling amazing and take away the nasty water; all at a very low cost. It’s a tremendous value! So, save your nose, save yourself from being exposed to potential health risks, save your time and, best of all, save yourself from having to do it!

The answer is NO! We believe the best way to keep someone coming back month after month is by making them very happy with the service we provide. Therefore, it is our topmost goal to provide 5-star service every time we visit your home and clean your trash and recycling bins. We know when we do that, you’ll love Super Clean Cans as much as you’ll love the smell of your trash bins every time we provide service!  And then you will be excited to share with your friends and neighbors how we can save their cans as well!

As you might imagine, each family is unique. A family of two with no children will be completely different than a family of five with a baby. So that will help determine how much grime, stickiness, nastiness, germs, bacteria, etc. your cans are accumulating. Because the cost is so affordable, many people choose to have their cans Super Cleaned monthly; but, at the very least, you should have your cans cleaned quarterly. We have plenty of options to fit your family and your budget and you can easily change your plan at any time.

Yes, we do offer that as an option. However, because the initial clean takes the longest and uses the most resources, it would be a much more economical choice to go with at least a quarterly plan. And with no contract required, you could always modify your schedule or cancel altogether. Once you experience having Super Clean Cans and the incredible one-of-a-kind scent we leave behind, we feel confident that you will be a customer for life!

Currently, we are servicing the following zip codes : 30188, 30115, 30040, 30041, 30004, 30009, 30075 . As we grow and expand, we will continue to add more communities. Feel free to inquire by emailing us at supercleancansatl@gmail.com  and also like us on Facebook at Super Clean Cans ATL.

Once you complete the enrollment process and choose a plan online, the process will be as follows:

  1. You will receive a welcome email and text (if you opt in for text messages; highly recommended).
  2. The day before your scheduled service, you will receive an email and a text, reminding you that we’ll be coming the next day.
  3. Simply leave your empty bins curbside and we will Super Clean your Cans and then place them at your garage door. Typically, your service will be the same timeframe each month. (i.e. first Monday of each month).


The simplest and fastest way to enroll for service is online, but please feel free to contact our support team with any questions you have or to get enrolled for service. Call us at 470.240.2212 and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

Yes, we can Super Clean all traditional trash or recycling bins, regardless of how many there are. Please contact our support team and we can work out the details and provide you with a quote.

  • We only use cleaning solutions that don’t harm the environment.
  • We use significantly less water (up to 15x) to clean your cans when compared to doing it yourself.
  • All contaminated water is self-contained on our truck and disposed of properly at the end of each day at a local water treatment facility.
  • By cleaning your cans, we remove the potential for harmful bacteria and germs to multiply.

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